Beta-alanine to saturate muscle is better than carnosine. For boosting muscle carnosine levels and performance Beta alanine supplementation increases muscle carnosine better than taking carnosine itself. Muscle carnosine is an intramuscular acidity buffer and antioxidant. Beta alanine increases stamina and endurance by buffering metabolic acid and waste as it is made. Ensure itself with proteins.

This means less muscle pain and greater muscle performance. During high intensity exercise, there is a greater reliance on ATP production from glycolysis and phosphagen systems resulting in an accumulation H+, which leads to exercise-induced metabolic acidosis. This acidity has been implicated as the cause of muscular fatigue and decreased muscle contractile function.

Beta-alanine is better than carnosine

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We are living in an era of rapid advancements in science, and much of this new knowledge can be applied to help us live better, longer, and happier than ever before. But let me warn you: exposure to more medical care, more drugs, more vaccines, and more doctors does not beget Super Immunity. In fact, medical care is part of the problem, not the solution.

When most of us think of preventive medicine and proper health care, we think about getting shots, taking medications, or having diagnostic tests. We’ve had these products and services marketed to us for the last fifty years and have accepted a belief system that equates more medical care with better health, survival, and longevity. This equation is simply not true.

As a matter of fact, the Kaiser Health Foundation, which studied this issue in depth, determined that one-third of medical spending is devoted to services that don’t improve health or the quality of care and may make things worse! Too many people are becoming sicker and sicker. A lack of medical care is not the problem, and more medical care is certainly not the answer.

The new patients are great examples. People may catch a cold or flu that lingers for weeks, and then have a cough that lingers for additional months. Often we see patients develop facial headaches from a sinusitis that lasts for months after a simple cold. The most minor illnesses turn into major calamities requiring more and more medications.

The medications may help initially, but after a while they stop working and the initial problem reappears, often worse than before. These medical complications occur because of impaired natural immunity that results from a combination of inadequate nutrition and medications that have degraded our body’s ability to protect itself.

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A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) provides evidence that the use of antibiotics is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Authors from the National Cancer Institute (a part of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland), the University of Washington in Seattle, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, also in Seattle, concluded that the more antibiotics the women in the study used, the higher their risk of breast cancer.

The authors of this JAMA study found that women who’d had more than twenty-five prescriptions over an average period of seventeen years had more than twice the risk of breast cancer than women who had not taken any antibiotics. However, even women who had between one and twenty-five prescriptions over that same period had an increased risk; they were about one and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than women who hadn’t taken any antibiotics. The authors found an increased risk in all classes of antibiotics that they studied.

I remember the first pharmacology lecture I heard in medical school, when the professor emphasized, “Make no doubt about it: all drugs are toxic and can even hasten one’s death. They should be used only after careful consideration of the risk-to-benefit ratio, because they all have considerable and serious risks.” Couple our nutrient-poor diet and the resultant immune system weaknesses, leading to frequent illnesses with the use and overuse of medications, including antibiotics, vaccines, and immunosuppressive drugs for autoimmune diseases, and we have a good reason for the explosion in cancer rates over the last seventy years. But we can alter this course.

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That witches’ cauldron of nutritional deficiencies coupled with the overuse and dependency on medication is destructive to our health as we age. If you are sick all the time, if you are overly dependent on drugs just to feel “normal,” that should trigger an alarm. Those frequent infections are like your body’s immunity alarm. Excellent health is not merely how you feel at the moment; it is how resistant your immune system is to microbes, which also reflects how resistant you are to cancer. This is a serious subject that may be uncomfortable to discuss, but it is too important to hide from.

The truth is that nutritional science has made phenomenal strides and discoveries in recent years, and if you apply this new science to your dietary choices, it will enable you to take control of your health destiny. At this point in the history of nutritional science, evidence exists demonstrating that the human immune system can be supercharged to protect our bodies against disease. I will help you understand this new science and put it into action in your kitchen and your life.

Food gives us energy and the building blocks to grow in the form of calories, but we have not fully appreciated the noncaloric micronutrients in food, including those that are neither vitamins nor minerals, but phytochemicals elements that strengthen and support normal immune function. This book teaches you about these critical factors for normalizing and strengthening immune function.

Utilizing a combination of foods that are rich in powerful, immunity strengthening phytochemicals and other micronutrients, it’s possible to prevent most common modern diseases. By maximizing the function and protective potential of the human immune system, we can earn Super Immunity.

Super Immunity helps with everything from the colds and flu to cancer. This is not only about getting through the flu season; it is about living with superior health for the rest of your life. We are not talking about just a quick fix, but an entire shift in how we understand our health and wellness.
Life is not without risks.

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