Shimano Dura-Ace R9110, CS Cassette, Brake, Shifter, WH Wheelset Set. Safety on your bike is contingent on three controllable factors and one uncontrollable factor. The three factors in your control are: Ensuring that your bicycle is in proper working order. Making sure you have the right safety accessories (lights and a helmet, etc.), Riding safely. Dura-Ace R9110 components.

Shimano Dura-Ace BR-R9110, CS Cassette, Brake, Shifter Set

Shimano, Dura-Ace BR-R9110 Dm Brake Front, Direct Mount

Shimano Dura Ace
br r9110 dm

Shimano, Dura-Ace CS-R9100 Cassette 11-25T

Shimano Dura Ace
cs r9100 cassette

Shimano, Dura-Ace Fc-R9100 Crankset 165mm, 53X39, O BB, Aluminum

Shimano Dura Ace
fc r9100 crankset

Helmets are designed to compress on impact; they take the force of the hit so that your head doesn’t have to. As such, you get only one big hit per helmet; after one serious accident, you need to replace your helmet with a new one (never a used one). Even if there are no evident cracks or damage, it is possible that the undercarriage of the helmet was structurally damaged and would not protect you in a second crash.

Combine this with the fact that helmet material ages very rapidly in sunlight, and you can see why a used helmet is always a bad idea.

Shimano, Dura-Ace Fd-R9100 Derailleur 34.9mm Clamp

Shimano Dura Ace
fd r9100 derailleur

Shimano, Dura-Ace SL-Bsr1 Barend Shifters, Black, 11 Speed

Shimano Dura Ace
sl bsr1 barend

Shimano, Dura-Ace ST-R9100 Shifters Left and Right Pair

Shimano Dura Ace
st r9100 shifters

Touring is divided into two broad camps: supported and unsupported. Supported touring often refers to organized, multiday charity rides where a support van carries all travel gear for the riders, there are designated water stops, and so on, but it doesn’t have to be that systemized.

Supported touring can also refer to using the support of modern conveniences, such as motels and credit cards, as you ride from place to place. Supported tourists enjoy the fact that their bikes weigh much less because they have to bring much less with them on board the bike.
Unsupported touring is a multiday ride where you bring everything you need with you, and camp along the way.

Fans of unsupported riding enjoy the freedom of riding wherever they like without worrying about finding a motel to sleep in or a restaurant to eat at. Many of them like getting away from modern conveniences. One major difference between a road trip in a car and a cycle tour is you realize how much space there is between cities.

Wheelset Set WH

Shimano, Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C24 Wheelset Clincher

Shimano Dura Ace
Wheelset Set WH r9100 c24

Shimano, Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C40 Wheelset Clincher, Aluminum

Shimano Dura Ace
Wheelset Set WH r9100 c40

Shimano, Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C60 Wheelset 100mm QR Front, 130mm QR Rear, Aluminum

Shimano Dura Ace
Wheelset Set WH r9100 c60

On a road trip, you might spend a day or two in a town and then drive a few hours to the next, and the places don’t seem very far apart. When riding your bike through the countryside, it often takes several days to reach the next major town, which you might pass through in a matter of minutes. Once arriving in an urban area, you discover even the largest cities can be ridden from one end to the other in under an hour, occasionally two, and then you are back to the country again.

Packing List: Unsupported Tour

For an unsupported tour, you’ll need all of the above, and more. Camping basics, such as a tent, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag. You’ll also need to bring along enough food to eat without stopping at grocery stores, more water, camping silverware, and bowls and cups.

Consider packing a simple, small lightweight camping stove. Some stoves burn denatured alcohol, which leaves behind less waste than a comparable sterno or tablet system would. Stoves are great for making chili, oatmeal, coffee, or whatever else you want to fuel you on your trip.

Shifter, Chainring, Brake, Derailleur