Shimano Ultegra BR-8010 Brake Caliper, BR-R8000 Set. While some riders may be skeptical and see the year of free tune-ups as a gimmick to get them back in the shop and more likely to purchase high-margin accessories, it can be a great perk. A brand-new bike will have a natural break-in period as cables stretch, the housing that surrounds the cables compresses, and spokes settle. Shimano Ultegra Brake Caliper.

Bringing the bike back to the shop two or three times for a tune-up in the first year, for free, can help make the bike precisely what you need. Regular tune-ups are also helpful for creating a baseline of what your bicycle is supposed to feel and sound like when riding; then, as it slowly drifts away from perfect adjustment, you will be more likely to notice and know what has changed.

Shimano Ultegra BR-8010 Brake Caliper, BR-R8000 Set

Shimano, Ultegra BR-8010 Brake Caliper Front

Shimano Ultegra Br
8010 brake caliper

Shimano, Ultegra BR-R8000 Brake Caliper Set, Front and Rear Calipers

Shimano Ultegra Br
r8000 brake caliper

Shimano, Ultegra CS-6700 10SP Cassette 11-28T

Shimano Ultegra Cs
6700 10sp cassette

Shimano Brake, Shimano Cassette, Shimano Derailleur, Shimano Shifters

It’s important to look out for stolen bikes when shopping for a good used ride. If the legal or karmic ramifications of supporting bike theft don’t bother you, remember that the bike can also be confiscated at any time. One easy way to spot a stolen bike is if the deal is too good to be true. Shop around online and at local bike shops and you will get a general sense for the value of various bikes and components.

A prestigious brand of racing bike with high-end components being sold on the Internet for the price of a lowend cruiser is probably stolen. Also, be on the lookout for individuals who seem to be constantly selling used bikes from their apartment or home with vague stories about where they got the bikes in the first place. If you see four different posts in the classifieds from the same seller about four different bikes—especially if those posts tell a sob story of broken hearts, cleaning house, or moving on it’s likely the bikes are stolen.

While many legit sellers pick up used bikes from police auctions or other avenues, fix them up and sell them, they tend to be upfront with where the bikes came from. If the story is ever sketchy or inconsistent, be wary.

Shimano Ultegra Di2, Shifters Left and Right Set, Brake Caliper, BR-R8000 Set

Shimano, Ultegra Di2 RX RD-RX805 Derailleur GS Cage, 34 Tooth Max, Direct Mount

Shimano Ultegra Di2
rx rd rx805

Shimano, Ultegra Di2 ST-R8050 Shifters Left

Shimano Ultegra Di2
st r8050 shifters

Shimano, Ultegra Di2 ST-R8060 Tt Shifters Left and Right Set

Shimano Ultegra Di2
st r8060 tt

As you gain more experience fixing and tinkering with your bike, you might consider building your ideal bicycle from a bare frame. This is a great experience that will leave you intimately familiar with and proud of your ride. Building a bike from scratch requires a higher level of technical experience than just tinkering with a bike. You will have to purchase everything you need to build the bike. It will also require some technical savvy to ensure that parts you purchase are compatible with each other.

One irony of the bare frame market is that the price for frames is similar to the price of complete used bikes. This is because the types of frames that are sold alone are usually prestige frames: name-brand frame builders or the high-end frames from mass manufacturers. Though there are cheap frames in the marketplace, they are generally not high quality enough to justify the effort of building a bike from scratch.

Shimano, XTR SM-Crm95 1X Chainring 30 Tooth, 12 Speed, Direct Mount, Aluminum

Shimano Xtr Sm
crm95 1x chainring

Shimano, Zee Fc-M640 68 73mm Crankset, Black, 175mm, with 36 Tooth Chainring, Aluminum

Shimano Zee Fc
m640 68 73mm

Shimano, Zee Fc-M645 83mm Crankset, Black, 175mm, with 36 Tooth Chainring, Aluminum

Shimano Zee Fc
m645 83mm crankset

Buying a frame also means you won’t get a chance to test ride the bike until long after you’ve purchased it. Thus, it’s more important that you are confident about the size of frame you like to ride and the style. A frame that is slightly too big or too small can be adjusted with seatpost and stem length, but a mountain bike frame will never do when it’s a road bike frame that you want. Test ride as many bikes as you can get your hands on to ensure you select the frame that is right for you.

Shimano, XT M770 Freehub Body Fits 770 775, Shimano, # Y3Cz98050, Steel

Shimano Xt M770
freehub body fits

Shimano, XT M785 10 Speed Chainring 38T, 104Bcd, 10SPD, AM-Type, Outer Ring

Shimano Xt M785
10 speed chainring

Shimano, XT M8000 SM-Crm81 Chainring 30T, for Fc-M8000-1, Aluminum

Shimano Xt M8000
sm crm81 chainring

It’s important to purchase the frame first:

the headset, bottom bracket, seatpost, and brake calipers will need to be sized appropriately to the frame, requiring you to know which frame you have before you get them.

If there is a used bike shop, collective, nonprofit, or co-op in your area, it can be a good idea to get your parts there. They will have parts of different quality and vintage and it will be easy for you to try out a variety of parts that might work for your bike. Nothing is more frustrating than ordering what you thought was the perfect part from the Internet, waiting a week, and then discovering it isn’t compatible with your ride.

Gruppo is the Italian word for group, and in cycling, gruppo refers to a package of bicycle components all designed to work together flawlessly. Originally, different manufacturers produced all the elements of a bicycle. Your bike might have an Italian frame with French Maillard hubs, Italian Campagnolo derailleur, and Japanese Suntour shifters, and they were all able to work reasonably well together.

However, as drive train designs became more complicated, compatibility between brands became more difficult, and individual component manufacturers began to introduce complete lines of parts that could be purchased together as one group.

The first gruppos were high-end racing packages (Record from Campagnolo and Dura-Ace from Shimano are the most famous, but there are many other fine sets out there). Gradually, more cost-effective gruppos were introduced to the market. Mountain bikers tend to refer to gruppos as groups or sets.

If you are new to building a bike from scratch, consider buying a complete gruppo. They are available on online auction sites, classifieds, or your local bike shop. Buying a gruppo ensures that all the parts you choose work together seamlessly.

Shifter, Chainring, Brake, Derailleur