Shimano XT M8000 bike parts. Shimano components. When you take a long road trip in your car, you need to know your final destination before you can decide which way to turn at the end of your driveway. Similarly, the proper starting point of a training plan is actually the endpoint. Before you can make sensible decisions about how to train in the beginning and middle of a training cycle, you need to know where it’s going.

Shimano XT M8000 bike parts

Specifically, you need to plan your peak step cycle, which is your heaviest two to three weeks of training featuring your most challenging individual workouts. The purpose of the peak step cycle is to put the final touches on your race readiness, and it should fall right before you begin your final taper.

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The purpose of each preceding step cycle is to prepare you for the next one. The peak step cycle therefore acts as a benchmark that enables you to plan a sensible progression in workload across the span of step cycles that make up your training plan. For example, if you are able to commit to a maximum of ten hours of training in Week 18, you will not want to start out with nine hours in Week 1. Something closer to six hours would allow for a natural progression through the step cycles to your upper limit of ten hours.

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In planning your peak step cycle, select workouts that simulate the endurance and speed challenges of your upcoming race. We strongly recommend that, instead of creating workouts from scratch, you draw from the pool of swim, bike, run, and brick workouts presented in the appendices. Choose workouts that would be too hard for you to handle today but that you can realistically expect to be able to handle when the time comes.
Not all the workouts in your peak step cycle should be difficult, though.

The centerpiece of your peak step cycle will be race specific workouts in each discipline. Any other workouts included in this period should serve as fitness maintainers, not fitness builders. Yet even these workouts may be longer than the sessions serving the same purpose that you do early in the training cycle.

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