Shimano XTR Bike parts, derailleur, shifter, chainrings. The whole loop, every pedal stroke a relentless assault on gravity, your competitors and your personal records. How to plan an 80/20 training week. It’s easy to plan a week of training that adheres to the 80/20 Rule if you use the preformatted workouts from Appendices A, B, and C. Each individual workout description includes information on time spent in each zone. After choosing your workouts for the week, divide the total weekly duration at low intensity (Zones 1 and 2) by the total weekly duration of all workouts. That result should be close to 80 percent.
There are a few nuances to consider, however.

Shimano XTR Bike Parts, Derailleur, Shifter, Chainrings

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Because all 80/20 swim workouts are specified in distance, you will have to do a separate, distance-based calculation for this discipline. Additionally, if you’re aiming to spend 80 percent of your total swim time at low intensity in a given week, you must plan to do 75 percent of your swim distance at low intensity. The reason is that you will cover more distance in less time when swimming in Zones 3–5.

It is our experience that planning a swim week using a 75/25 distance-based distribution results in an 80/20 distribution in time. A more precise alternative is to meticulously track your actual time spent in each zone for the week and use this data to fine-tune subsequent swim planning. In our opinion, this is more work than it is worth.

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Another consideration is how to handle Zone X. Recall that this zone counts as moderate intensity, so any time you spend in it counts toward the 20 side of the 80/20 ratio. Recall also that none of the 80/20 workouts prescribes Zone X, yet a few of them allow advanced athletes to spend time in this zone. If you intend to take advantage of this license, you will need to manually convert some of the Zone 2 workout time to Zone X and count it toward total planned time at moderate to high intensity for the week in which that workout falls.

For example, suppose you wish to include the cycling workout CAe10 in your schedule (5 min Z1, 5 × [30 min Z2/10 min Z1], 5 min Z1), and because you are very fit and experienced on the bike, you intend to accept our permission for athletes like you to do the Zone 2 intervals in Zone X. In this case, the workout shifts from 210 minutes at low intensity and 0 minutes at moderate/high intensity to 60 minutes at low intensity and 150 minutes at moderate intensity. Another option is to create your own custom workout that explicitly includes work in Zone X.

As long as you exclude planned time in Zone X from your total weekly time at low intensity, you can utilize Zone X and still plan a week with the proper 80/20 distribution. Note that Zone Y does not merit consideration, as there is no scenario in which planning Zone Y in advance is recommended and in any case it falls between zones that already count toward the 20 side of 80/20.

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