SRAM XG 11 Speed Cassette, items range of 10-42 tooth a one by eleven rate drivetrain provides the rider with astounding freedom. More than likely, your bike will have a freehub and cassette rather than just a freewheel. Cassettes are easy to install and replace and are basically maintenance free. Shimano and SRAM cassettes are interchangeable, but Campagnolo uses a different spline pattern on its freehubs.

All 8-, 9-, 10-, and 11-speed cassettes will fit on the same freehub, the exception being Shimano Dura-Ace hubs from 2004 to 2007. These hubs were only compatible with 10-speed cassettes because they used taller splines. Shimano 10-speed cassettes will fit on other freehubs using an adapter spacer that comes included with the cassette.

SRAM XG-1195 X01 11 Speed Cassette, XD Freehub

SRAM, Xg-1195 X01 11 Speed Cassette 10-42 Tooth

Sram Xg 1195
x01 11 speed

SRAM, Xg-1199 XX1 11 Speed Cassette 11 Speed, 10-42T

Sram Xg 1199
xx1 11 speed

SRAM, Xg-1295 X01 Eagle 12 Speed Cassette 10-50t,  Black, 12-Speed, XD Freehub

Sram Xg 1295
x01 eagle 12

Starting with the largest cog, install each cog and any spacers one by one. The splines are arranged in a such a way that the cog will fit on the freehub in only one direction as it is slid onto the freehub body.

SRAM|Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Spider BOOST, DUB, 8 BOLT SPIDER ONLY, Aluminum

Sram|quarq Dzero Xx1
eagle axs dub

SRAM, QUARQ RED AXS Power Meter 2X Chainring Set, Polar Grey, 46T 33T, 12SPD, 8 BOLT, Aluminum

Sram Quarq Red
axs power meter


Sram Quarq Xx1
eagle axs crank

The lockring threads into the freehub body and holds the rest of the cogs in place. Grease the thread of the lockring, and, using a lockring tool, tighten the lockring by turning it clockwise with a large adjustable wrench. Tighten forcefully. It’s easy to cross-thread the lockring, so make sure that it is threaded in straight before you tighten it!

SRAM, Xg-795 X01 DH 7 Speed Cassette 10-24 Tooth

Sram Xg 795
x01 dh 7

SRAM, Pg-1030 10 Speed Cassette, Chrome, 11-26T, 10 Speed

Sram Pg 1030
10 speed cassette

SRAM, Pg-1050 10 Speed Cassette 12-32T

Sram Pg 1050
10 speed cassette

SRAM, Pg-1070 10 Speed Cassette 11-26T

Sram Pg 1070
10 speed cassette

Removing. If you turn the lockring tool counterclockwise, the freehub will just spin, so you have to use a chain whip to hold the cassette in place while you loosen the lockring. Drape the chain links on the end of the chain whip across one of the larger cogs, with the handle facing to the right (toward the front of the bike as it would be when installed). Hold the chain whip tight as you loosen the lockring with the lockring tool and a large adjustable wrench.

Maintaining and Repairing Chains and Cassettes

There is probably no single aspect of bicycle repair that inspires more debate and cogitation than lubing the chain. Many companies make a dizzying assortment of lubes for any type of riding condition imaginable. Even the airplane manufacturer Boeing has a bicycle chain lube. Which one is right for your chain? In my experience, all of the bike lubes work reasonably well in most conditions. Maintaining the chain is more about keeping it clean and properly lubed, not about which lube you’re using. Maintaining the chain (and replacing it regularly) will also greatly extend the life of the cassette, not to mention the life of the derailleur pulleys and chainrings.

Replace the Chain Regularly

As the chain wears, it stretches. The plates themselves do not literally stretch, but the rivets wear and the links no longer fit tightly together. As the chain stretches, it wears the cassette teeth so that when a new chain is installed, it will not fit tightly and can cause slipping, especially in the small cogs where there are fewer teeth holding the chain. A modern road chain should last around 2,000 miles (3,219 km), but that distance may vary depending on your riding conditions. Buy a chain stretch indicator tool, and check the chain frequently.This simple tool will let you know when the chain has stretched between .75 and 1 percent of its original length and needs to be replaced. Replacing the chain is much less expensive than replacing a cassette.

Shorten the Chain

Use the correct chain tool (9- and 10-speed chains use the same tool; 11-speed chains require a special tool), and break the chain at the appropriate link. Fully insert the link’s rivet into the chain tool at the point that needs to be broken, and turn the chain tool’s handle in until it makes connection with the rivet. Check that the chain is fully inserted into the tool before pushing the rivet all the way through the back plate of the chain.

If you are using a chain with a quick link (SRAM, Wipperman, KMC), you should account for the extra length of the quick link when determining the chain length. When you break the chain, you should have two male ends. For Shimano and Campagnolo 11-speed chains, you will have one female and one male end.

Campagnolo 10-speed chains are connected using a so-called HD-Link, which is two links connected to two female ends specifically designed to be joined after breaking. Deduct the length of this piece from the chain length before breaking. One end of a Campagnolo 11-speed chain will have a small zip tie through it. You must shorten the chain from the other end. The end with the zip tie is specifically designed to be joined after breaking

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