Stroke Bike Light Weight Spring by Ohlins. Depending on your excess fat along with your riding style, you could be while using incorrect early spring. Mountain bikes-by for the most common bicycle sotd in the last few years-ore al the opposite end of the sturdiness spectrum. Built for rugged gravel roads or breakneck charges up and down steep trails, o good mountain bike will easily take the strain of a heavy pack. But the traditional mountain bike is best designed for touring under Third World conditions.

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Ohlins 63mm Stroke 411 lb
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A mountain bike con be improved for on-pavement touring by substituting lighter wheels and higher-pressure tires, and by changing handlebar style or adding bar extenders. Some newer mountain bikes also have frames closer lo traditional road-bike frames than earlier models. Mountain bikes ore at their best for heavy touring, when you need the strength and stability.

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They’re at their worst on van-supported or organized lours, when they slow you down and give you little but a softer ride and less pressure on your hands in return. If your only bicycle is a mountain bike, use ii for your first touring experiments, but unless you pion to do o lot of of povement touring, you’ll want to shift to a touring or crossover bike.

Sport bikes are the descendents of the traditional 1O-speed

Although not many seem to be selling today, there ore o lot of them on the rood. Sport bikes look like racing bikes except that the angles of the head tube and fork will be a bit farther from vertical to give a softer !but less efficient) ride.

Expect heavier rims and slightly fatter tires than on a racing bike, but by no means the dramatically fat tires of a mountain bike. There will also be slightly more rake to the fork, contributing to a stabler, more shock-absorbing ride.

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They don’t truly excel at any form of touring-slower than racing bikes for vansupported or organized tours, and not quite as nicely designed for loaded touring as o dedicated touring bike. But they make on excellent multipurpose compromise.

A dedicated touring bike is the best design for longhaul touring . Manufacturers’ goals have alwoys·been stability, comfort, and the obil ty to carry heavy weight. There never have been many of these bikes on the market At first glance, a touring bike looks much like a sport bike, but it hos some important differences. Its wheel base will be longer for added stability, the frame angles even farther from vertical, and the rake of the fork more pronounced. A touring bike will also accommodate slightly wider tires than will a typical racing or sport bike.

In addition, ii should hove a number of useful touring-oriented details, the most important being eyelets and braze-ans for front and rear rocks. There may also be mounting attachments for three water-bottle cages instead of the traditional two, with the third cage attached to the front of the down tube, where the long wheelbase leaves plenty of room. Think of a touring bike as a truck on two wheels.

On a test ride, it will feel sluggish compared with a sport or racing bike, slower on the turns, but also very stable, happily maintaining its course on a straightaway with a minimum of steering effort. All these are functions of the frame geometry. A touring bike will hove drop handlebars, a triple crank, and (hopefully! a wide-range gear cluster rather than the narrow “corncob” cluster found on racing bikes. The bike may even come with a rear rack already attached.

Shifter, Chainring, Brake, Derailleur